Thrive, don't just survive

Dr. Tim Rayner

Dr. Tim Rayner

Director of Education and Culture @ the merrier

12 Oct 2018 | 10min read

At the Merrier, we believe in a better world. A world where creative people can do more to make a difference. A world where brands and charities don't operate in silos, but are connected through purpose-driven creators, who champion products they love and help fund causes they care about.

We are passionate about contributing to a thriving world, where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their potential. Most of us employ just a fraction of our potential. Day after day, we jump through hoops and hurdle obstacles just to survive, hoping to maintain a happy and dignified lifestyle.

We want to inspire you to think bigger and strive for more and better. Ultimately, all our work at The Merrier revolves around helping people to level up in their outlook and approach to life, teaching them to see beyond the horizon of the day to day and to stand in their truth and thrive.

Right now, we're developing a bunch of workshops to teach people how to find their thrive. It's an exciting journey for everyone involved. Here are three kick-ass lessons we've learned so far.

Attitude is everything

If you're aspiring to thrive, don't do it by halves. Thriving doesn't happen by accident. You need to struggle to achieve a heightened state of being. If it feels like your life depends on it, it probably does.

So make thriving your mission in life. Set yourself the goal, every day, of removing a block that stops you from thriving, or learning some new skill or item of knowledge that boosts your confidence and capabilities.

Don't be shy about it. There's nothing shameful about aspiring to thrive. On the contrary. It struggle makes you a seeker, an explorer at the frontiers of human experience, a living work of art unfolding organically. Live your truth and love it to the hilt. You'll see the people around you rise as they register your presence. Wow them with your attitude and try to inspire them to follow your path. In this way you build a thriving community.

Purpose is a wormhole. Dive in

What are you meant to be in life? It's a hard question to answer. A better questions is: what are you made to be? What kinds of experiences set your heart on fire? What situations feel natural to you, where you feel you can be yourself? What tasks do you feel driven to do, even when they're a little challenging? What people, things, activities and experiences are you constitionally suited to enjoy?

Don't abandon these questions just because they don't have obvious answers. The more time you spend circling around these questions, the closer you get to pinpointing where you fit in the world, and how you can unleash your powers.

Your purpose isn't some natural form, encoded in your DNA. Your purpose is the most inspiring and rewarding way you can fit yourself into the world in an empowering and productive way. You won't find your purpose by reading self-help books and navel gazing. You need to throw yourself into the world and discover where you fit. Think of your purpose as a pot of gold, sitting at the intersection of what you love, what you're good, at what the world needs, and what you can get paid for.

Yes, the way ahead's a wormhole. But dive into that wormhole with an open mind and an appetite for learning, and you may just pop out the other side a changed person.

Assemble your A-team

No man is an island; but thriving people are archipelagos. They've build a foundation for thriving and preserved it by surrounding themselves with people who nurture and enhance their potential. They've created an A-team and social support system to help them ride out the rough and sail through the smooth. Just as it take a village to raise a child, it takes a community to thrive.

Who are the people in your life who help you play your A game? Chances are, these people play very different roles in your life.

The nurturer

Even the strongest people need someone to help them heal and pick them up when they are down. Your nurturer is the person you rely on to recharge your batteries when you're running out of juice. They love you, they understand you, and they're always there to help you.

The analyst

The thriving life moves thick and fast. Sometimes we get lost in the details. It helps to have someone with a clear, critical mindset to spell out the facts when you need them, and bring you back to earth when you've been smoking your own fumes. Your analyst is your sounding board and chief bullshit buster. They may be prickly and uncomfortably direct. But sometimes, that's just what the doctor ordered.

The visionary

It's hard to achieve your higher potential when you can't see your way ahead. This is why it's important to have a visionary in your life, someone who can see over the horizon and open you to a higher perspective. Your visionary can be anyone: a friend, a mentor, a shaman or guru. They are the person in your life who can see where you're going more clearly than you can, at times. Your visionary is your second, better, set of eyes.

The coach

Your coach kicks your ass. That's the truth. They believe in you sometimes more than you believe in yourself. Your coach pushes you hard because they knows you can take it. Like the rest of your A-team, your they can see your potential, and they do everything they can to help you achieve it.

These are just a handful of the life-enhancing lessons on thriving that we're currently polishing up and exploring at The Merrier. If we've piqued your interest, sign up to our mailing list for updates on the Purpose workshop series we're running this summer. We'd love to see you there.