The storefront: your popup platform for change

Dr. Tim Rayner

Dr. Tim Rayner

Director of Education and Culture @ the merrier

24 Oct 2018 | 7min read

You checked out The Merrier and it was lust at first sight. Purpose-led influence. Check. Boho-chic brands and ethical products. Check, check. A crowdfunding mechanism to support causes. Get out of here.

You open the app and the first thing you're asked to do is name your store.

You do a double take. ‘I have a store?’ No other influencer marketplace expects users to set up a store. What's this all about? Is it worth it?

You betcha. Getting value out of your Merrier storefront can require a wee bit of a mindset shift. But it's absolutely worth it.

Here's the lowdown.

What's the deal with the storefront?

Don't think of it as a storefront. It’s your personalised platform for change.

If The Merrier were an influencer expo, it would be full of self-branded pop up stores. Each store would have a sign out the front saying: ‘Stuff I love’ or ‘Causes I care about’. As a customer, you’d be able to wander into each store and know immediately what the store owner was passionate about. Everything would reflect the store owner’s life, values, and mission.

A well-curated storefront tells a story - about you. Set it up correctly, with quality products and a cause that you're genuinely concerned about, and the world will know your authentic values and the good you're trying to achieve. Promote the contents of your storefront on your socials, starting with your cause, and your followers will see the leader you were born to be.

Think about the value of that. Your Merrier storefront makes you a genuine changemaker. This is not about sales. This is about amplifying your truth.

Okay, I feel it. But I don't want the hassle of running an e-commerce platform.

Don't sweat it. You don't need to run a thing. Just set up your storefront, then get out on your socials and talk about the change you want to make in the world. Include a link to your storefront in your post, blog, vlog, or Instagram bio, and we'll take care of the rest. You just do what you do.

Sales are dead simple. When someone buys a product on your storefront, we notify the brand, who takes care of product delivery and returns (if required). Meanwhile, you get paid. That’s all there is to it.

You also get to choose what percentage of your sales commission goes to your championed cause. You can contribute as little as 5% or as much as 100%. Your followers see how much you're contributing, which looks great on you and encourages them to pitch in to support your mission of change.

Still, selling - it's not cool.

Then don’t be a salesperson. Be a changemaker. Selling products is not the only way you can use The Merrier to drive donations and change. You can also ask your followers to make direct donations to your cause from your cause page. Whether or not you sell products is up to you.

Your ultimate goal as a Merrier creator is to drive money to causes you care about. So go out there and be a storyteller for change. By telling meaningful stories about your passions and purpose, you can drive change from your socials while staying true to yourself, inspiring your followers to rally around your cause and support it through donations and sales.

Help your followers understand how important this mission is to you. Help them see how, by purchasing products from your store - cool, ethical products you genuinely endorse - they're making a real difference, shopping for something more and contributing to the social good.

The world hasn't seen this model before. This is totally new. Will you help us grow it? Will you help spread the word and join our mission of change?

If your answer's yes, let's get started. Download the Merrier app from Apple or Google Play, and set up your storefront. The world is waiting for you.