Setting up your Merrier storefront

Dr. Tim Rayner

Dr. Tim Rayner

Director of Education and Culture @ the merrier

19 Oct 2018 | 12min read

Congratulations! You've downloaded our Creator app. We’re stoked to have you onboard! With your help, we can build a new economy and change the game for causes that matter.

Here’s a guide to help you set up your Merrier storefront.

Getting started

To get started, open the app, watch the demo video, and read and accept the Ts&Cs.

You'll then be asked to name your storefront. Think carefully before registering your name as this choice cannot be undone. You can use your own name or dream up something short and catchy that speaks to your higher purpose.

Dash through the Dashboard

Actually, no. Walk, don't run, at this point. The most important decisions you need to make to create an awesome storefront happen right here.

At the top of the Dashboard, you'll see a list of to dos. Let's proceed through them from left to right.

First, set up your storefront. This is super easy. All you need is a short piece of headline copy, some bio copy aboout you (max 600 words), and a wide-format, high definition image to serve as your storefront background.

  • Once you’ve uploaded these images, check to see how they look on your storefront. To do this, click the Merrier logo (M) at the bottom centre of the screen and hit ‘Preview your store’. This loads the customer view of your storefront, enabling you to see what your followers will see when they visit your store.
  • Once your storefront is complete, there will be three images in the customer view: your bio image (housed in a circle in the centre of the screen), your storefront background image (filling the top half of the screen), AND an image of the cause project you are championing. If you haven't yet selected a cause partner, you'll see a placeholder image of people holding hands in the bottom half of the screen.

To replace this placeholder, you need to champion a cause. Here’s how to do it:

  • Returing to the Dashboard, click ‘Select a cause'.
  • Review the causes listed on the app. We're only working with a handful of causes, at this point, so it shouldn't take long. Hopefully you'll find somethign that grabs you.
  • At the bottom of each cause page, you'll see a link to the charity project that the respective cause is crowdfunding on The Merrier. If you like a project, champion it. You can only champion one cause project at a time, but it's fine to swap causes and projects whenever.
  • Once you've championed a cause project, you'll be asked to select what percent of your sales margin (the earnings you make from sales) you'd like to give to it. This contribution comes off all transactions you conduct on The Merrier. The more you earn, the more you can contribute to your nominated project.
  • Head back to preview the customer view of your storefront via the M at centre bottom of the screen. You'll see the app has pulled the cause project image, which now fills the bottom half of the customer view screen. Do these images work together? If there's an image or colour clash, you will need to choose a new storefront background image, as the cause image can't be changed.

Now you've got your storefront set up, fill it with yummy products! Hit the Search icon to the left of the M at the bottom of the screen. This takes you to our every-growing Product Directory. Pick out some products that appeal to you and click 'Add product to store'. These products are now yours to promote and sell (and don't forget - every sale drives $$$ to your cause).

Still with us? You're nearly set up here.

Next up are your 'spheres of influence'. These are topics you are known for. Perhaps you are known for your knowledge of ethical fashion, your animal welfare advocacy, your sporting profile, or your love of healthy living? These are your spheres of influence.

Select one or more spheres of influence to help us identify brand campaign opportunities that are right for you.

Speaking of campaigns, you'll need to supply us with your Paypal account details if you want to get paid. Even if you don't plan to participate in product marketing campaigns, you'll hopefully want to share some of the products you've added to your store. Promoted products tend to sell, so please don't forget to let us know where to send your earnings!

Creating a winning profile

Your storefront isn’t just a storefront. It’s your personal platform for change. Between the images you've loaded, the copy you've added, and the project and products you've chosen to support, your storefront should clearly express your values, passions, and purpose.

Head back to the customer view of your storefront, via the Merrier M. Is this an honest representation of who you are and what you stand for?

  • Think carefully about the products you've added to your store. These products are more than just consumables. They are solutions to problems. They should reflect the kinds of changes and improvements that you'd like to make in people’s lives and the world. Viewed alongside your cause, these products tell a story about the kind of leader you are.
  • How about your cause project? Does it align with the products you've added to your store? It should. If you've loaded a bunch of plastic-free household accessories on your storefront, why not champion a plastic-free oceans cause? If your passionate about animal welfare, choose some ethical pet products. Your followers will then be able to see at glance what you stand for.

A well-designed storefront is a pure reflection of your authentic self. It says way more about you than your Facebook homepage, or any other social profile. It tells your follows what you truly believe matters and how you are contributing to change. It will enable you to rally your followers about your Merrier campaigns in a natural and authentic way.

I’m only interested in supporting causes. Do I have to add products to my store?

No you don’t. But you’ll miss out on an important opportunity to create systemic social change.

Like you, we’re all about driving positive social change by supporting causes that matter. But we believe that the most important cause anyone could support is the new economy. Until we change the way that people buy and consume, we will never stamp out the many social and environmental problems that plague our planet. It is vital, therefore, that we do everything we can to support and grow ethical brands that offer healthy and sustainable alternatives to the toxic and damaging products that currently clog supermarket shelves everywhere.

We created The Merrier to enable purpose-led creators like you to drive real social change by helping ethical brands get their products to market while also delivering funds to causes that matter. Will you join us in this mission? We hope so, because we can’t succeed without you.

Can you give me examples of how to tell awesome stories to inspire my followers?

Sure. It’s all here in this blog post. Enjoy!

Once again, we're super excited to have you onboard. If you have any problems, please let us know immediately.