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Five things The Merrier offers creators (a.k.a. social influencers)

Dr. Tim Rayner

Dr. Tim Rayner

Director of Education and Culture @ the merrier

24 Sep 2018 | 8min read

You're killing it. You’re an Instagram sensation, a social media superconnector, a monster of viral content. You’ve turned your side gig - posting on people, places, products, events, and experiences you love - into a successful small business. You get lucrative offers from agents and influencer marketing platform arriving in your inbox all the time.

Why sign up to The Merrier?

The Merrier is an exciting new offering for social media influencers (we call them ‘creators’). Here are five reasons why The Merrier is the platform for you.

1. Retail from your personal storefront

On The Merrier, you can sell products you love from your personal online storefront. No other platform currently offers this functionality. With a storefront, you can be both merchant and marketer. You don't need to hold stock. This is an e-commerce software as a service.

The brand is alerted when you place a product on your storefront. It's a great way of putting yourself in front of brands you love, increasing your chances of picking up paid campaign work. When you sell products, the order is delivered to the brand. They handle delivery and (assuming problems) refunds and returns. You, the creator, simply sell on behalf.

You can set up your storefront in 5 minutes. You stock your store by selecting products from our extensive product directory. If you have any recommendations, you can suggest new brands and products to add.

2. Run campaigns with ethical brands

You won’t be asked to promote teeth whitener or hamburgers on The Merrier. We vet our brand partners to ensure that only the most awesome ethical brands with amazing products feature on our system.

Our hometown of Byron Bay, Australia, is a Mecca for ethical brands. We’re signing them all. Current partners include Salt Gypsy, Hyde and Stone, Divine Goddess, and Clean Coast Collective. More great brands are joining every day. Each brand comes on board with a new set of items to add to our product directory. All these products are yours to love and sell.

Values-alignment is a powerful thing. Merrier brands and creators forge deep and lasting relationships. When a values-led brand meets a talented creator who loves their work, they want to continue working with them. It is more than just a transactional relationship. It’s an ethical partnership.

3. Champion causes and lead with your ‘why?’

All Merrier creators champion a cause. You need to champion a cause to activate your storefront. Choosing a cause is super easy. You browse our selection of causes on the app, and read about the projects these causes are running or trying to get off the ground. Once you've found a project that inspires you, you can partner with it in a couple of clicks. This small act is a big step forward on your hero's journey.

When you champion a cause, you decide what percentage of the retail margin on each product sale you want to give to it. Merrier creators give a minimum of 5% of their retail margin to their cause. If you’re feeling generous, you can give 100%. Your cause gets a cut of every transaction on your storefront. If you're super passionate, you can launch a crowdfunding movement to directly drive funds to it.

The upshot of this arrangement is that you become a true ethical hero. With The Merrier, you can earn money and drive real social impact at the same time. Your followers will love the good you’re doing in the world. We reckon you’ll wind up feeling pretty good too.

4. Sell with your integrity intact

Your Merrier storefront tells a story - about you. The products you promote and the cause you support speak volumes about your passions and values. All in all, your storefront amounts to a profound, personal statement.

It’s a statement about the good you’re doing in the world. It's a statement about your truth. If you’ve done ‘pay to post’ work before, you’ll know how difficult it can be to promote products without feeling icky. Merrier creators don’t have this problem. The products they promote reflect their personal values, so everything they do is 100% authentic and on brand.

This comes out in the stories our creators tell their followers. Merrier creators can be completely open about what they're doing because it's all for a good cause. They’re proud of what they do - and it shows. They speak of what they love and how they’re helping to change the world.

5. Join a shared economy

At The Merrier, we believe in shared value and wealth. To show that we mean it, we are rewarding our creators with Merrier Coins, the value of which is tied to The Merrier’s value as a company.

For every campaign you run on The Merrier, we give you AUD100 in Merrier Coins. These coins run on the Ethereum blockchain. They’re tradeable on the platform and redeemable for cash or other cryptos. We deposit them in your personal Merrier wallet as you earn them.

We foresee that these coins will grow significantly in value as more campaigns are run on The Merrier. This offer is limited to the first 1,000 campaigns - so you better get started.

All up, The Merrier offers a great deal for creators. If you’re purpose-led and looking to scale, download the Merrier app on iTunes or Google Play. Or get in touch at We’d love to hear from you.