Do more good. The Merrier makes it easy

Dr. Tim Rayner

Dr. Tim Rayner

Director of Education and Culture @ the merrier

12 Oct 2018 | 7min read

In August 2014, a crowd of commuters in Perth, Australia, tilted a train to free a man who’d got his leg caught between the train and the platform. The incident lit up the news cycle and inspired people around the world. It was nice to know that even busy city commuters are good at heart.

People are good at heart. Most people will do good when the opportunity is right there before them. When it's easy to do good, we do it.

It's different when the problems are happening on the other side of the world. We worry about uncertain outcomes. We might donate money but will it go to the right people? When we can't see where our contributions are going, we're less likely to contribute.

It's even harder when the outcome requires collective action. When we can't see what other people are contributing to the goal, we’re less likely to contribute ourselves. If no one else is going to pitch in, why bother? Globalised initiatives requiring collective action are really hard to pull off.

What if it was super easy to do good? What if thousands of people could contribute to changing the world and know exactly what they were trying to achieve and how everyone was pitching in?

This is possible. It is what The Merrier has been built to achieve.

The Merrier makes doing good easy. We’re creating a market network made up of customers, brands, creators, and causes that enables anyone, anywhere in the world, to do good with the press of a button.

We are empowering conscious consumers. You want to do good through mindful purchases, spending money on quality products that are good for the planet, as opposed to unhealthy products with externalized costs?

The Merrier is the marketplace for you. Right now, we have dozens of ethical creators building storefronts on The Merrier and filling them with quality products from ethical brands. Our marketplace is growing fast. We can't wait to open the door to conscious consumers, so they can shop and do good at the same time.

What about the brand side of the equation? Not all brands are giant corporations intent on raping and pillaging in pursuit of shareholder value. The Merrier works with ethical brands with wholesome, healthy, sustainable products. We are deeply inspired by the many entrepreneurs who are developing quality alternatives to the unhealthy and unsustainable products that cram shopping malls and supermarket shelves.

We've launched The Merrier to help support these entrepreneurs and grow their brands. We want to help them lead a new, conscious economy to replace the toxic economy we've inherited from the past.

Let's not forget the creators. There's a generation of young leaders on social media who are animated and inspired by purpose. Through their posts, podcasts, blogs, and vlogs, they are creating a vision of a better world that we know in our hearts we’re capable of creating.

The Merrier empowers these creators to realise their dreams. With a Merrier storefront, creators can promote products they're passionate about whilst driving money to causes that matter.

Through their shopfronts, creators can help change people's patterns of consumption by introducing consumers to sustainable alternatives to everyday products. Through their sales, they can help solve real world problems by contributing a cut of every transaction to their championed cause, thereby helping fix the mess that we’ve created through decades of thoughtless and heartless social and economic practices.

Merrier creators do good with every social post. There's never been an easier way for a creator with a conscience to help change the world.

Charities complete the Merrier market network. The best and most effective way for a charity to do good in the world is to scale its operation, doing more good. This is precisely what The Merrier helps them achieve.

Every creator on The Merrier champions a charity-led cause they’re passionate about, and drives funding to this cause through product sales and donations. They enable old-school charities engage the social generation, helping them building awareness and establish supporter trust.

How does The Merrier achieve these results? It's simple. We place parties together in shared value exchanges. Every participant on The Merrier gets value out of the exchanges they have with the other participants. Their capacity to do good is amplified through these productive relationships.

Human beings will do good, given the chance. Our goal at The Merrier is to make it super easy for the whole world to do good, so that we can act together, grow collective, and create shared value for everyone.